Spellbook of Nerdy Potions Co Products

Magical Room Sprays

         Magical Room Sprays by Nerdy Potions Co. are great entry level essential oil-based products for everyone. If you are new to oils, or don’t like to diffuse oils in your house – try a magical room spray. Most of our room sprays are even safe to use as a body mist and use on skin (ones that are not skin-safe are noted within the product description online).

            Our Magical Room Sprays are made of distilled water, witch hazel, essential oils, and sea salt. Witch Hazel is a natural moisturizer and binding agent for the essential oil and water and helps the scent last longer after being sprayed.

            To use a Magical Room Spray, shake your bottle for 5-10 seconds. Spray within your room, on your pillow/bedding, or even on you (if skin safe). Usually, 3-6 sprits are a good amount but it can vary depending on room size and desired scent strength.

Pure Essential Oil Potions

            Pure Essential Oil Potions are our favorite product and the one we use most! They have the strongest scent and may be the most versatile. Our favorite way to use these potions is in a cold air diffuser. Just add some water and 5-10 drops of potion (depends on size of diffuser) and it can scent your whole house.

            While a cold air diffuser is our favorite way to use these potions – you can also use them a few other ways too. Try mixing a few drops on a carrier oil like coconut oil and using it on your skin or in a wax warmer. You can also use it pure (or diluted with a carrier oil) or our aromatherapy amulets which will last a few days with just a few drops.

            Just remember, our Pure Essential Oil Potions can never be put directly on skin without diluting it first with a carrier oil. Depending on what you would like to use it for, some great carrier oils are:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Potions – Coming Soon

            While we don’t currently have them available – we plan on launching our Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Potions VERY soon. Our pre-diluted potions are for oil users who don’t want to mix their own potions and come pre-diluted to a skin safe ratio. These can be used on skin, in a wax warmer, or on our aromatherapy amulets. However, these cannot be used in cold air diffusers as carrier oils can clog up the mechanical systems.

Caution About Essential Oils

            Essential oils differ from fragrance oils in the way that they are actual extracts of plants. Therefore, they retain some of the properties of the We do not recommend anyone use products that contain the following oils directly on their skin unless they are familiar with the effects:

  • Allspice
  • Cinnamon (or Cassia)
  • Clove
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Thyme

            While our potion recipes are proprietary, if our potion contains one of the above oils we will note them in the online product description. Using these oils on skin may result in a mild skin irritation may occur and result in a tingling feeling or slight redness and/or rash. Discontinue use if that occurs.

            We hope this helps you feel more confident in the purchase of one of our products and which one is right for your magical lifestyle. If you have any questions please cast a spell and drop us a note at hello@nerdypotionsco.com!