Circle Aromatherapy Amulet


Description: Love the aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits of essential oils but prefer not to wear them on your skin? This lava rock aromatherapy amulet holds essential oils and slowly diffuses throughout the day. The perfect natural alternative to wearing perfume!

  • Chain Length: 19.5"
  • Chain Color/Material: Gold Alloy
  • Pendant Sizing: .20"
  • Pendant Material: Natural Lava Rock

Each necklace comes with a backing including wear instructions - a great gift option!

Use Instructions: Apply 1-4 drops of  essential oil to infuse the pendant. Lava rocks are naturally porous, soaking up essential oil and gently diffusing the scent with the help of your body heat. Enjoy 2-5 days of aromatherapy and reapply oil as desired. 

Please Note: This is a costume jewelry necklace and not meant to be worn in the shower. Please take care as you would with any other piece of costume jewelry.